Lela Lauren Kodai LaCroix is a technically-minded UX Designer with a passion for dogs.

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SignalFrame Data Visualizations

2D & 3D visualizations and analytics for trillions of Global IoT signals and their relationships to each other.

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Lowe's Iris Home Automation

A home automation platform to integrate Lowe's brand and third-party smart devices into a central control app.

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Fruitbowl Content Management

A full-scale overhaul of a content & asset management system for an international tech giant.

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About Lela

portrait of Lela in a black and white wide brimmed straw hat and floral collared dress with white and yellow flowers and teal leaves. She is standing outside in the sunshine.

👋 Hello. I'm Lela Lauren Kodai LaCroix, I fell into UX design over a decade ago and have harnessed it to fuel my life ever since. I was one of those nerd kids that taught herself HTML and CSS by viewing the source code on websites in the early 2000s. I do not recommend that path these days to anyone looking to learn ;)

🏠 I recently married my partner Leo, and we live in Portland, OR with our short-hair dachshund Fionna.

🫖 I am a founding member of a community ceramic studio here in town. When I'm not working, I help to run the kilns and keep the studio clean and stocked.

🐕 I also have a huge passion for dogs, especially senior dogs. I earned a certificate of small animal massage during the lockdown while I was between design jobs, and now give dog massages on the side. It's so rewarding to give pain relief to these sweet pooches, and experience the trust and love they give in return.

💌 Email me lauren@laurenkodai.com.